Position Analysis

Position Analysis

This type of evaluation examines the individual’s educational background and explains why their degree relates to the proffered position. An AETS ‘industry expert’ (PhD) evaluator will examine the courses completed by the individual and explain in detail why those particular courses qualify the candidate for the proffered position. This type of evaluation differs from the Position Evaluation because it focuses on the individual’s education and compares the coursework to the proffered position.

The cost for a Position Analysis Report

10 Days Service - $400.00
5 Days Service - $500.00
3 Days Service - $600.00
Next Day Service - $700.00
Same Day Service - $800.00

Evaluation requests must be received by 1:00 PM EST to be processed the same day. Evaluation requests received after 1:00 PM EST will be processed the next business day. All services are counted in business days.

Required Documents:

  1. Copies of academic documents – diplomas (degree certificates) and/or academic transcripts (indicating graduation date and major) with certified English translations. If you require an English translation, click here for a free quote.
  2. Detailed information regarding employer, position and prior employment for the sought position. (e.g. Petitioner’s Cover Letter)
  3. Detailed list of job duties to be performed.
  4. Company Information (number of employees, revenue, type of industry)
  5. RFE or Denial
  6. Completed Application Form (click here for application form). Please indicate the specialty occupation on the application form. If you have any questions, please call an AETS representative at (786) 276-8190 or email us at info@aetsinternational.com
  7. Check, money order or credit card for the appropriate fee. (Make checks payable to American Evaluation and Translation Service, Inc.) For our Credit Card Authorization Form, please click here.

Note: Please email the documents to info@aetsinternational.com . Or our fax numbers are: (786) 524-0448 and (877) 870-1205.

Delivery: AETS delivers evaluations/translations via email (PDF).
As an added convenience, attorneys and company representatives may choose to set up a billing account with AETS.

Additional Costs: Mailed copies of evaluations are $25 per copy, if requested at the time of the evaluation. The cost will be $50 if the copy is requested after the evaluation has been delivered.

Overnight delivery is available within the United States for all evaluations for an additional fee of $60.