Frequently Asked Questions

  • Simple. We provide the most accurate and detailed Educational Evaluations in the industry. Additionally, our Expert Opinion Professional Work Experience Evaluations, Position Evaluations and Position Analysis Evaluations are completed by university professors with authority to grant credit for work experience. We are sure you will find our fees and services to be more affordable and efficient when compared to our competitors. Our certified English translations are universally accepted by both governmental and private organizations.

  • Educational Evaluation Reports assess the foreign academic credentials of the applicant. The evaluation determines the level of education, the number of years completed and the specialization of the applicant and provides the U.S. degree equivalent.

    Course by Course evaluations provide the same information as educational evaluation reports, but also list the courses taken, the grades received and the credit equivalence in the United States. It is required for CPA examinations, teacher certifications and licensing or membership in professional associations.

    Professional Work Experience Evaluations also evaluate the applicants’ education (if applicable); however, professional work experience evaluation reports use the USCIS “three-for-one” rule, which states that three years of work experience can be substituted for one year of academic study to equate to a Bachelor’s degree. This equivalency is used for USCIS purposes; the applicant cannot use the reports for admission into university programs based on work experience.

    Expert Opinion Position Evaluation analyze the job duties of a particular position. An AETS ‘industry expert’ (PhD) evaluator will determine if the job duties of the position are so complex that only an individual with a Bachelor’s degree or higher could adequately perform the required tasks. Furthermore, this evaluation explains why the position would be considered a ‘Specialty Occupation’.

    Expert Opinion Position Analysis examine the individual’s educational background and explains why their degree relates to the proffered position. An AETS ‘industry expert’ (PhD) evaluator will examine the courses completed by the individual and explain in detail why those particular courses qualify the candidate for the proffered position.  This type of evaluation differs from the Position Evaluation because it focuses on the individual’s education and compares the coursework to the proffered position.

  • Yes, AETS service times are counted in business days. 10-business day service is two-week service and 5-business day service is one-week service. We also offer Same-day service, Next-day service and 3-business-day service.

  • Yes, however, only if the applicant has the equivalent of a Bachelor’s degree with his/her education alone (without work experience) and has a minimum of five years of work experience. Simply stated, the applicant needs a Bachelor’s degree and five years of work experience to equate to a U.S. Master’s degree in his/her specialty field. However, the applicant must specify his/her intent of equating the report to a Master’s degree on the application form. (Please mark your intent in writing on the application form or in the cover letter.)

  • There are several possible reasons for getting your credentials evaluated. You may need to have your education evaluated by a company such as AETS for USCIS visa purposes. This is a mandatory requisite set up by the USCIS. Or if you are planning to attend a university in the United States (you should call the university to make sure what type of evaluation is necessary and if they have a list of preferred vendors). Also, if you are seeking certification to practice in a particular state in the United States (i.e. teacher, engineer, accountant).

  • Yes. Our professors and expert evaluators follow all the criteria set up by the USCIS, and tens of thousands of AETS evaluations have been consistently accepted by the USCIS since 2002.

  • Yes. You can have them done on your own by a professional, notarized translator or you can use our expert translators. Click here for our translation application.

  • The easiest way to get a price quote is to submit your documents to us via email at or click on our Free Translation Quote Form and an AETS Translations Coordinator will contact you via email with the set price for the desired translation.

  • If you are unsure about your professional work experience because it is not in information technology, computer science (or related field), business administration, management, marketing, economics, accounting, finance (or related field), engineering, graphics design, education (or related field), you can email us at or call us at (786) 276-8190 and we will be happy to help you with any question you might have.

  • Yes. We provide overnight delivery for our evaluation reports. You must check off overnight delivery on the application and add the price onto the evaluation fee. The cost is $60 for FedEx/UPS. Or you may also send the appropriate prepaid envelope for AETS to mail for you.

  • AETS provides a very efficient and streamlined process. For information on this process, please click here.

  • Yes, based on AETS’ extensive databases, including the AACRAO EDGE database, as well as publications by the Association of International Educators, the Association of International Educators and hundreds of other publications, AETS is able to evaluate study from all countries with a centralized Ministry of Education.

  • This depends on the university, licensing board or employer to which you are applying. In general, most licensing  boards require a Course by Course Evaluation. Individual universities have their own policies, and we suggest that you contact your admissions counselor regarding this process.

  • While most universities and licensing boards do accept AETS evaluations, we inform every client that calls or emails AETS to check first with the university or licensing board before deciding on any foreign credential evaluation company, whether it be AETS or any of our competitors. There are thousands of colleges/universities and licensing boards in the US., each with their own policies and procedures. Each university/licensing board can choose to have a preferred vendor list, and it is imperative to check with the university or licensing board first, before deciding on any company.

  • Please see our application form for the list of prices. Or see our Evaluation Services page.

  • The cost of a translation depends on various factors. Therefore in order to give you an accurate and precise price quote, we must see the documentation first. For a translation price quote, simply email AETS at or see our Free Translation Quote link.

  • You can pay by credit card by using the AETS credit card application form, or you can pay in U.S. dollars by cashier’s check, money order, or a check issued by a U.S. bank.

  • AETS delivers evaluations via email in Adobe PDF secured format. If you require a mailed copy of the evaluation (in addition to the PDF copy), the cost is $25 per additional copy. If you require FedEx/UPS, the cost is $60 additional, or you can email AETS a prepaid FedEx or UPS slip.

  • The cost is $25 per copy if requested at the time of the evaluation request. The cost is $50 per copy if requested any time after the completion date of the evaluation.

  • Yes, AETS will send you a confirmation email the same day we receive the documentation (if received by 1:00 PM EST). If received after 1:00 PM EST the email will be sent the following day. If the documentation is sufficient to proceed, we will email you confirmation of the due date. If we are missing any documentation from you, we will inform you via email of the required documentation.

  • For Course by Course Evaluations, AETS requires either the original or notarized copy of the original mailed to our office. A notarized copy is a signed/stamped copy of the original documentation confirming that the Notary has seen the original. It also confirms that the notarized copy provided is an exact copy and has not been tampered with or edited in any way. If AETS receives fraudulent documentation, no evaluation will be completed and absolutely no refund will be provided.

  • No. AETS does not evaluate vocational or professional training in our Educational Evaluations. AETS Educational and Course by Course Evaluations evaluate only international accredited university study.

  • Yes, however only in our standard Educational Evaluations (Document by Document). We do not evaluate high school studies on a Course by Course basis.

  • Yes, however you must select FedEx/UPS return delivery, or provide AETS with a prepaid FedEx/UPS label.

  • Yes. The cost is $35 for international mail (regular mail — USPS). If you require express international delivery with tracking, you must email us the prepaid return FedEx or UPS slip.

  • Yes. This is what distinguishes AETS from almost all of our competitors. You can contact AETS at 786-276-8190 or contact an Evaluator via email at